"aggregation no disclosure" for commodities

Our philosophy

There is an essential paradox in the commodity markets today: participants want to have reliable prices and other market metrics based on real transactions without needing to disclose their own commercially sensitive data. 
Truver brings to the commodities markets its proprietary concept which allows for commercial data
aggregation without disclosing the data of participants.

Technical solutions

“Aggregation no disclosure” or t-and is at the heart of all Truver solutions. Aggregating data from commodity market players without disclosing individual data is based on a patented method powered by
asymmetric encryption and distributed ledger technology.


t-desk is our flagship “on premise” information platform. t-desk allows customer to deploy Truver’s capabilities securely behind their own firewalls, providing enhanced security and automation without the need to disclose commercially sensitive data to third parties. Using advanced AI algorithms t-desk collects and processes all data, generates visual and text analytics as well as indices & trading signals.

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Using advanced language processing algorithms, Truver can produce fully automated written analytics based on live data. Users can customise the style, layout, and contents of the reports via t-desk with timely and focused content for better, quicker, more well-informed decision making. t-reports will drastically reduce the time involved in consolidating information for internal decision making processes, automating not only the report writing, but the analysis of the data itself.


The t-chain combines two contracts between the Commodity Producer and the Converter (Contract 1) and between the Converter and the Lender (Contract 2) into one end-to-end secure contract. The financial terms of Contract 1 are encrypted by t-and, and are not available to the Lenders. The financial terms Contract 2 are encrypted by t-and, and are not available to the Supplier.

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Commodities we cover

  • Crude oilCrude oil
  • Refined productsRefined products
  • Natural GasNatural Gas
  • CoalCoal
  • AgricultureAgriculture
  • PolymersPolymers
  • ChemicalsChemicals
  • RubbersRubbers
  • FertilizersFertilizers
  • MetalsMetals

Executive team

Stephen started his career as a fertilizer market analyst. Then went on to found Harriman Chemsult, a global leader in vinyl supply chain analytics (now IHS company).
Stephen Harriman
Stephen Harriman
Craig has vast experience in the industry, having worked in management positions in leading industry companies Sasol, Wood Mackenzie and S&P Global Platts. Craig has developed and launched many innovative data and analytics products for commodity markets.
Craig Pask
Craig Pask
Chief Executive
Sergey’s brings his passion for innovation and his deep knowledge of global supply chains to Truver’s product portfolio. As the founder of a successful market analytics firm of his own he understand the market needs at a fundamental level.
Sergey Yaremenko
Sergey Yaremenko
Head of R&D


Argyle House, 29-31 Euston Road,
London, NW1 2SD