Leads based on Big Market Data

Predictive Analytics for commodities venturing


What Truver is

Truver is a robot

It comes from old French “trouvère” - poet and messenger spreading information. Modern Truver is a robot processing Big Market Data and bringing you tailored information about your competitors, suppliers and customers. It is also our cute human-like character, omniscient and eager to help.

See clear. Know for sure. Trade confidently.


Our basis


Processing and visualizing of Big Market Data from commodity markets.

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Alerts accompanied by Truver’s hand signals, just like on a trading floor.

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Leads prompting potential Buyers and Suppliers of new business.

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Secure platform – revolving around highly relevant data.

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Our Product's Key Features

Data as
we see it
Same data

Big Market Data

Detailed market information relevant to user’s actual environment. Dynamic charts as clickable navigation tools – filters, drill down.


Easy and quick posts generation based on data.
Share posts to your business links, collaborate with colleagues.

Truve it

Get and follow leads generated by Truver.
Find new business with those who really need you.

About us

16 years' Experience

We have 16 years' experience in analysis of oil and chemicals market.
We work with global majors:

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